Silver Shores Wiffle Ball Tournament 2018

Wiffle Ball

Ted Murphy - Posted in Events on June 25, 2018

8th Annual Silver Shores Wiffle Ball Tournament Goes to Anejo Mexican Bistro

After the novel The Running Waves was released, we wanted to do something to give back and also thank all of our friends that supported us. Since there is so much wiffle ball playing in the book we decided to team up with the Quahog Republic guys and Pete Tormey of Athletic Performance Training and run a tournament.

This is our 8th year and we raised another $3000 for the Life Scholarship that is given out to graduating high school seniors who want to do something cool in life. The day is also for our friends who get to have a little fun before the crazy tourist season begins. Everyone had a blast especially Anejo Mexican Bistro who won for the second time in three years! We tip our caps to them...reluctantly.

We'd like to thank D.J. Gonz, Skip Blake, Scott Ellis, the Sausage King, and Rachel and J.J. for all of their hard work and of course all of the teams that attended.

A huge thanks to our The Running Waves intern Tyler Bergstrom (who will be going into his Sophomore year at Roger Williams University) for filming and editing this year's event. You can follow his channel on youtube: TBERG VLOGS

Tyler really captured what this event is all about - having some laughs with friends and raising money to help the next generation go for their dreams.


Check out Tyler's awesome video right here!

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Here are the teams who played in this year's tourney!

Thank you to everyone who came out to support this great cause!