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About T.M. Murphy

T.M. Murphy is the co-author and co-screenwriter of The Running Waves. Murphy first got his start though with his acclaimed Belltown Mystery Series and Saving Santa’s Seals for kids.

Murphy has received high praise from being listed on BookSense Children’s 76 as a Favorite New Series to being featured in 101 Highly Successful Novelists, and chosen by Cape Cod Life Magazine as One of the 400 Cape Cod People Who Brighten Our Lives. Murphy has also co-created the Wicked Weird Story Starters Series that gets kids writing and creating. His desire is motivating kids to read and write and has shown that passion by touring hundreds of schools, bookstores, and writing conferences.

Murphy also teaches the Craft of Writing at the Woods College of Advancing Studies at Boston College during the school year and spends his summers teaching young writers at The Writers’ Shack in his hometown of Falmouth, Massachusetts. He is also partner of Silver Shores Shanty Restaurant which was inspired by the book The Running Waves.

His websites include: The Running Waves,,, and