T.M. Murphy - Posted in Casting on May 9, 2018


The overwhelmingly positive reaction we've had since Dirty Water Media broke the news that we cast Lenny Clarke in The Running Waves has been extraordinary on many levels. The obvious one is that so many people are fans of Lenny’s comedy and acting roles. That one is a no-brainer for us, but what really floored us is that everyone and we mean everyone seems to know Lenny from some charity event he has stepped up to the plate and helped. The stories of his generosity that have been shared with us in supermarkets, post offices, and pubs the past few days have made us grateful for not just casting Lenny Clarke the actor but casting Lenny Clarke the person. He truly is what we Cape Codders like to call, “Solid.”

After those stories about Lenny's generosity, the question that always follows is how did we get him?

Our The Running Waves team are strong believers that things happen for a reason and if you are trying with good intentions to achieve something special the universe will open the doors and help you. It may sound a bit out there to some and very Margaret Brennan-like philosophy for our The Running Waves readers, but that belief system seems to works for us.

So, let’s go back two summers ago. OurThe Running Waves team of four producers were having one of our many meetings and discussing the importance of the character Molloy plays in the story. He gives that perfect humor balance to a very emotional story.

The question raised was what local comedic actor would be perfect to play that part? It was like a New England seance suddenly occurred as we all chanted in unison, “Lenny Clarke.”

“But how the hell do we get a script to Lenny Clarke?” We all asked.

And like that seance summoning up more magic, Jen (T.M. Murphy's fiancé) appeared from the kitchen saying, “I don’t want to bother you guys, but did you say, Lenny Clarke?”

All four of us nodded our heads in the affirmative.

“Well, you know he’s performing at The Seacrest Hotel in two days. You know. Where I work. Let me make a call.” She rushed to her phone.

Jen called the affable Preston Simpson of Flapjack Comedy who runs all of the comedy shows at the Sea Crest and a few minutes later he rang back and said, “I just talked to him. Lenny said he can give you a couple of minutes to pitch the script.”

That Saturday night Ted (T.M. Murphy) stumbled his way through a pitch admitting later it sounded more like a Chris Farley Show skit praising all of Lenny's work and making no sense. He left thinking that Lenny would never ask for the script.

Fortunately, Ted was wrong! Click here and read the official story from our good friends at Dirty Water Media right here: Dirty Water

And now those doors have opened even more when Charlie Bardelis, Jr. owner of the Island Queen has graciously allowed The Running Waves team to film all of Lenny's parking lot attendant scenes at one of his lots.

Charlie Bardelis, Jr with Director Scott Lebeda

Don't forget to tune into Red Sox game next Tuesday night May 15, Lenny Clarke will be appearing in the booth with Jerry Remy to promote the MS Cape Cod 150 mile ride! Check out the comedy fundraiser at Giggles sunday night June 3rd 8:00 P.M. show.