The 2017 Jimbo’s Golf Scramble!

T.M. Murphy - Posted in Events on December 20, 2017

When I learned that my dad wasn’t just a caddie in his youth but also a decent golfer I asked him, “Why did you quit playing?”

“Well, I didn’t have a choice. Your mom had you six son-of-a-guns.”

We laughed because the language was a little stronger than the quote I am attributing to him.

I’m no golfer but a couple of years back on one my dad’s final days with us he urged me to take the invitation to play golf with my buddies. Obviously, I wanted to stay by his bedside but he forced me to go.

“Get the hell outta here and go have some laughs with (Brian) Thrasher and the guys and then you can tell me all about it later.”

I did just that. It was a momentary and almost jubilant escape from that hardest thing going on in my life - my dad was dying. That feeling to escape from everything for a few hours came back to me when Dad passed away. I decided (with the help of so many) to run Jimbo’s Golf Scramble to raise money for scholarships in Dad’s memory and have tons of laughs recalling stories about James F Murphy Jr.

This was our second year of hosting at Paul Harney Golf Course and it didn’t disappoint. We gave away a total of $4,500 this year. One scholarship went for $2,000 went to the Margaret Hogan and Jim Murphy Scholarship at Boston College Woods College of Advanced Studies.


$2,000 went to the Jim and Margaret Murphy Scholarship given by Falmouth Scholarships that goes to a Falmouth High School senior who is headed to Cape Cod Community College.


Our final check for $500 was given to Falmouth's Volunteers in Public Schools that trains, and supports volunteers of all ages to work with students, faculty, and administration and facilitates partnerships between the schools and community.


There were also some unbelievable highlights. Jake “The Snake” Collins from the Bring The Paine's Patio team got a Hole-In-One on Hole 2. Normally, that might get him a cold beverage from his teammates, but thanks to our loyal friend Christine Frazier, Jake won a much bigger prize. Christine with the help of Jessica McGondel of Tournament Headquarters was able to provide a Hole-In-One prize of two round trips tickets for anywhere in the United States.


I asked Jake where he may travel and without hesitation he replied, “I’d like to fly to Utah and drive to Yellowstone Park to look for picnic baskets.”

T.J. Hurrie of the 02536 All Stars won Longest Drive and Closet To The Pin but more importantly won bragging rights over his brother Patick, a golf pro, who unfortunately, couldn’t play this year (clearly, fortunate for T.J.).


Helen “”Hoagy” Ladd (who taught physical education for 30+ years) is still demonstrating how to excel in sports as she won the Woman’s Longest Drive and clearly dominated the majority of the field.

Helen Hoagy Ladd

But now for the drumroll….


Team Worldwide Prestige (Pic on the left Christopher Simpson, Patrick Simpson,Tim Kowalski, Mike Tokla) won the 2017 Jimbo’s Golf Scramble in a tense putt off over the 02536 All Stars (T.J. Hurrie, Mick Morrisey, and Peter Grady). Patrick Simpson was the player who brought the victory home for Worldwide Prestige when he cooly drained the game winning putt!

Team Prestige Worldwide

Team Prestige Worldwide


A big thank you to Jennifer Keys who helped me plan the event and also donated the cool koozies. I couldn’t have done it without you!

Thanks so much to Shelly Hussey who took some truly cool pictures.

Thanks to Sherrif Cummings of Barnstable County Corrections for providing the tent that really made our scramble into an event.

We are so grateful to Sean and Laila Dailey of Eat Your Heart Out Catering for providing incredibly tasty food for our hungry golfers as a price that helped us make some great money for the scholarships!

Erin Harney and Debbie Keim at Paul Harney Golf Course for going above and beyond for our event!

Christine Frazier of Pine Hills Golf Course for donating a round of golf for our 2017 Winners and setting up our Hole-In-One prizes and Jessica McGondel of Tournament Headquarters

Thanks to some of our big ticket raffle donors!

Doug and Kristen Shearer of Paine's Patio for donating the beautiful Hatteras Hammock!

Seth Pearson of Upper Cape Tree Service for donating some unbelievable tree service.

The Simpson Brothers and Tim Kowalski for their Dinner and Dessert in the North End and Bruins Game Night!

Christine Simmons and Gary Kozens for the elaborate wine basket!

Craig Damario Personal Training and Tennis Lessons for donating his time to train a couple of our raffle winners!

Troy Clarkson for some autographed books

Thanks to the Hole Sponsors!

Grumpy's Pub

Bear in Boots Gastropub

Quahog Republic

Annie Hart Cool

Megan English Braga

JML Trucking INC

The Just Write It Class

The Running Waves Movie

Szal Law Group LLC

T.K. Asphalt

Thrasher Electric

April Seamless Gutters

Elwood Raw Bars

Carolyn & Jed Johnson

Joanna Murphy Swanson

Check out more 2017 Jimbo Golf Scramble Pictures below!

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