How did The Running Waves get it's name?

T.M. Murphy - Posted in Inspiration on August 03, 2016

Things happen for a reason in life. At least, that’s what we all like to believe.

Seton and I were halfway done with our book and didn’t have a title. Seton suggested Undertow using a nautical word symbolizing the emotions that the Brennan Brothers were hiding inside, and how those hidden emotions were bringing them down. I thought it was perfect and psyched. We had our title!

About a week later, I was watching TV and saw a piece about an Indy movie coming out called, Undertow. My heart sank and I thought I was going to get sick. I called Seton and broke the news and he was surprisingly upbeat, “Dude, it’s lousy but it wasn’t meant to be. The right title will find us.”

And it did. I was over at my parents’ house and my mom (who is similar to Margaret Brennan) was in the kitchen listening to her choral music. I stopped, thinking that the song I was listening to would be perfect for the upcoming funeral scene we were about to write.

I asked Mom what it was called and she responded, “A Gaelic Blessing.”

That alone sent chills up my spine considering the heritage of the Brennan brothers. Mom then handed me the lyric sheet and the first line was – Deep peace of the running wave to you.

It hit me – these were boys of the ocean running from their problems. They are the running waves. I called Seton hoping he would respond to the title the same way and he shouted into the phone, “I told you man! I told you the title would find us!”

That was an amazing day. It was also more proof that things really do happen for a reason. Thanks Mom and thanks to John Rutter! It’s a truly beautiful song.